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    Need help with 2D lines and Board Outline


      I don't have Autocad, and I need to import a complex DXF of the PCB with cutouts.


      I can import the DXF as 2D lines, but I can't seem to get PADS to close the 2D lines in order to convert it to Board outline.  When I select all the 2d lines and right click, the Close command is not present.


      I'm using draftsight for DXF drawing.


      My board outline has arcs in it.





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          David Ricketts

          There's no simple answer, but you can try a few things. Biggest clue is the close command not being present.


          1. Make sure you're only selecting 2d lines: Set filter to shapes only.
          2. Make sure the lines are all on the same layer: With all the 2d lines selcted, in the properties dialog, the layer name is visible. If it's blank, you have more than one layer.
          3. Probe around: Select one shape at a time, and see what's what.
          4. See if Join works: Select two adjacent shapes with a common endpoint, then select Join. They should now be one shape. Then try Join with all the 2d lines.
          5. With all those issues resolved, Close should now work.
          6. If all else fails, use the dxf lines as a template, and trace over them with a polygon.
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            Thanks David,


            I was able to close the geometry, and convert to Board outline.


            The key was using the filter "Select Shapes",  I was using "CTRL-Left click" to select all the segments.


            Thankyou very much.  You were more helpfull than Tech support.