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    Connector Index Report


      Does anybody have a custom report already created that has the following items it in.


      Device, Description, Index #, # of Cavities,  Part Number, Design, Harness Attribute.


      I found some reports in the forums that have some of the information but not all of it in one report.  Have not had time to learn Java so looking for something already created.



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          I believe there is already an example connector list report in the example files found here:



          As for getting the columns of data you want.  Open up the java file and scroll down to the section that looks like the screen shot below.


          Display columns.PNG


          To add more columns of information simply copy and paste the following into the same section of code shown below. 

          Be sure to replace the red text below with what you want. Note that the attributes list is located in C:/MentorGraphics/VeSys/doc/plugin/api/AttributeList.html


          column = rf.createReportTemplate(new ConnectedConductors("<Attribute name goes here>"), "<Column header name goes here>");

          column.addCustomAttribute("sort", "false");




          For Harness Attribute use 'Harness'

          For # of Cavities try using 'NumCavities' but this might not work.

          For part number use 'PartNumber'

          For description use 'ShortDescription'


          If by device you mean the device that is attached to the connector use the code below.


          public Object evaluate(IXObject entity, String executionContext) {

                          IXAbstractConnector absConn = (IXAbstractConnector)entity;

                          IXDevice device = absConn.getDevice();

                          if (device == null) {return "";}

                          return device.getAttribute("Name");


                  }, "Device Name");