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    Integration of CATIA V5


      How do we bridge out the wiring data to MCAD tools like CATIA V5, Pro-E, UGS NX from the VeSys 2.0 2009 (the new vesys series)?

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          From VeSys 2.0 Design you can "Export to" and "Import from" selected MCAD tools for wire data exchange, in the same way that you could with original VeSys Design.




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            Hi Nuri

            Thanks for your comments. But it has the option only for DSI export and XML export. How about .NWF file export for Pro-E and .HRN export for Unigraphics NX tools. Does .XML file format is compatible for Pro-E and Unigrahics tools also? Please clarify.


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              MCAD integration exists with VeSys 2.0 Design as a wire exchange only (including NWF, HRN, CATIA etc), this matches VeSys Design (the Classic tool).  From VeSys 2.0 Harness the interface is DSI or XML, however you can buy a HarnessBridge that would enable you to flatten a 3D MCAD assembly into a flat harness, ready for import into VeSys 2.0 Harness.  For more information on the HarnessBrdige I suggest you ask your sales contact,


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                I have got the harness bridge and  if I try to import the 3D harness into VeSys 2.0 harness it won't respond,Is there any configuration needed.

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                  Hello Naveen,


                  We would probably need to take a look at the design data  .

                  Please can you let us know with which Company you work with . We could probabably take this up as part of the normal support process.

                  Please share your contact number so that we can speak on the issue .