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    Finite Ground Plane in Hyperlynx 3D EM


      Dear Sirs,give me an advice about how to connect 3 finite ground layers, please.

      I have a structure with 3 finite ground layers. According to the IE3D User's manual, to have a finite ground layer, in basic parameters

      I changed No. 0 G (infinite perfect ground) substrate layer to dielectric layer.

      Next steps are drawing, in polygon editor, a polygon at Z=0 (first ground layer) and other 2 ground layers at different Z.

      How can I set the simulator to interpret these 3 layers as 3 finite ground layers?

      I have to connect these 3 layers with vias?

      Thanks for your reply.


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          Ettore, you may draw polygons in z direction to connect the different gnd layers on some of their edges. Those z direction polygons are called edge vias. Doing so they are treated as connected and when you look at the current distribution after the simulation you will see current flow thru these polygones between the gnd layers. Rocco

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