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    Mentor graphics PADS Cluster and Union


      Hi ,


      I am using PADS for schematic and layout design.


      I have lot of similar components and can any one please let me know how to use union and disperse component like union.


      Method I used :


      1. I arranged similar components and right click -> created union.

      2. again right click -> create like union

      3. disperse ? I gave yes.


      Problem facing :


      after disperse the component formation are not formed with their associated component.


      the formation is selecting component from other associated component and union is formed.


      Is it because of the improper reference design ?

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          It sounds like you may be confusing a union with a re-use.  I believe Reuse is a higher end option; it shows up as "Physical Design Reuse' checked in your <Help><Installed Options...> dialog if you have the option. 


          "Unions are user-created part associations that have a strict relationship with each other, such as distance, rotation angle, top, or bottom side. A common example is placing a filter capacitor to reside on top of an IC. When a selected union is moved or placed, the physical relationship between the parts, or union members, remains unchanged."


          "A physical design reuse contains a collection of items, called elements. You can manipulate this collection as one item. Physical design reuse elements include: components, routes, vias, and text items. Properties and attributes of these objects, such as test point status, are included in the physical design reuse."


          Or did I completely miss what you are trying to do?

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            Thank you for your reply.


            I am aware of physical design reuse and I have tried it in other designs,


            If you follow the below link you will understand what I am trying to ask you for.


            Copying placement of same block. [PADS Cluster] - YouTube


            will I be able to use with out the interCAD program which is a software used in that video. One of the guy told me.


            I want to place the components like how it's been done in that video. Will that be possible with create like union command ?


            And why can't i able to add images with this post ?




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              I figured out how to do it by myself.


              The components which are not associated I protected them and so when I do "create like union" only the unprotected  items are dispersed grouped.


              But i could not able to see design reuse and matched length in my PADS.


              Do I need to buy a higher version to use it ?




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                Probably.  My ES license has it.  I'm not sure where the options start.  You'll need to talk to your sales rep.