Introducing the HKP Exchange

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Greetings all,

Over the course of the last weeks and months we have received a quite number of use cases and request forms for HKP encrypt and decrypt licenses.

Thank you for the effort, filling out the form and helping us to understand, how you use HKP today.  The completion of the form is not only a requirement to get temporary licenses.

The data is also essential for us to understand, where we can assist you with scripting examples and where we have more engineering work to do before HKP is completely retired.


However, we are on track with our efforts, retiring HKP at the end of the 7.9 release cycle as planned, probably within the next 12-18 months:


Development efforts are underway in different areas, whether it is new exchange formats, expansion of Automation, or more diagnostics within our layout tools.

We work with our Open Door partners to get their interfaces off the HKP data types, whether they are going to use Automation, ODB++ or other standards that we will be providing.

Our own solutions, such as LP Wizard and the translators are on a trajectory for HKP replacement and do not need encryption any more.


What are the next steps to assist you to migrate away from HKP?

This weekend we will be launching the HKP Exchange as part of this community.


The HKP Exchange is a platform for

-          sample scripts

-          alternative solutions

-          white papers

-          tutorials

-          other useful information that we or you consider as useful to share.

It is intended to complement the discussions within the community.


HKP Exchange is designed to be a true exchange. Contributors in the HKP Exchange are

-          Customers

-          BSD team members

-          Customer support

-          AEs and consultants


The HKP Exchange comes with a number of examples. Thanks especially to Al Layson and Nadia Ahmad from CSD, who provided a lot of examples to get started with.


We invite you to participate in the HKP Exchange, not just as user of existing content.

-          Check out the examples

-          Post your HKP examples and code snippets that you feel may be useful for others (try to add some documentation and a use case description)

-          Ask in the community or via for additional examples of code snippets that can perform a specific function.


Our objective is to get as many examples out there as possible, allowing you faster to switch to Automation.