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    Setting Checkboxes in an Expedition Dialog


      I'm trying to automate some verification checks in Expedition and have run into a little roadblock: I can't get my code to acquire checkboxes in a dialog. I need to modify the options in the Analysis->Verify Cell Instance Changes dialog by unchecking some of the boxes but when I try to get the checkbox objects, I can't. Hopefully I'm doing something stupid... code fragment as follows, in this case I'm trying to acquire the checkbox with the tag "RefDes Text Properties"; this fragment always returns the "not a valid name" message:


            'Get the dialog box
          Set dialogObj = pcbApp.Gui.FindDialog("Cell Instance Overrides Filter")
          If (ErrOr (dialogObjIsNothing)) Then
              Call pcbApp.Gui.StatusBarText("Cell Instance dialog not found " + _
          ElseMsgBox"Found Overrides dialog!"

         'Cycle through the checkboxes that we want to uncheck
          chkboxNm = "RefDes Text Properties"
          Set chkboxObj = dialogObj.FindCheckBox(chkboxNm)
          If chkboxObj.IsValid = FalseThen
              MsgBox chkboxNm + " is not a valid checkbox name!"
              chkboxObj.Checked = False


      If you could provide any clues it would be much appreciated!