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    Selection Filter Automation


      Is it possible to automate selection filter settings through automation? I'd like to set keybindings to quickly change the filter.

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          Hi - Try this......


          Edit the following files that are to be stored in the installation folder: eg D:\ee795\7.9.5EE\SDD_HOME\standard


            File 1:     vdbindings.vbs.txt

            File 2:     exped_wvo.vbs.txt


          Add the following line to the end of each of these files:


          Bindings("Stroke").AddStroke "32147", "ViewSelectionFilter"


          This will add a middle mouse button stroke for 32147 assigned to the Selection Filter


          Hope this helps



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            this does open the dialog only - isn't it possible to directly change the filter settings?

            I did not find 'filter' in dxdesignerautomationoverview.pdf


            Best regards


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              Thank you, but I'm looking to change individual settings. For example, perhaps I want to hit a key and change the filter to only allow selection of symbols, or names.

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                I am also looking for a solution to press a key and change the filter.


                For example in PADS Layout/Router its much easier/faster to change the filter. There I also can use the macro recorder....


                Its not possible to write a script that selects: Name,Net and Bus, Property, Symbol....

                Another that only selects Symbol...

                Another that selects Arc,Box,Circle,Line....

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                  Is there a way to control the Selection Filter settings using automation in a VBScript?  I have a script that given a REFDES and a pin number will go through the schematic and find the part and pin number, then zoom in on the pin.  The problem is, we normally have the "Pin" box in the Selection Filter unchecked so the script find the pin but doesn't zoom in on the pin number.  The "Pin" box has to be selected in order for the script to work.


                  Is there any way before the zoom happens to change the Selection Filter and "check" the "Pin" box via Automation?



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                    Here is a video for you on the AATK functionality



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                      I think the author was looking for a script which can be used in DxDesigner (at least that is the reason why I'm following this thread).

                      However this Expedition script seems also interesting.

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                        We are working on enhancements to the Selection Filter for VX.2. If you are using VX.1 you will see there are two filter buttons, one that allows you to create specific filters and the regular Selection Filter. This is a step in the right direction but not ideal. In VX.2 we have finessed this so the 'schemes' are available in the regular filter. Hopefully this will negate your need to automate this:


                        A sneak preview is attached: The scheme names are user definable, the list you see are my personal preferences.