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    PADS Logic reannotate


      Does Logic have anything like this?  Custom Reference Designator Control | OrCAD

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          PADS has a back annotate feature from Layout.  I believe there is a third part script that lets you swap refdes in Logic.  The script will either be on this site or on padspcb@yahoogroups.com.  Otherwise you need to do it manually. 


          The back annotation feature is part of the PADS text based ECO process, so you could also generate your own 'ECO' text file with the rename commands and import it into Logic.  This is from PADS Logic (<Help><Documentation> (PADS Layout Process Guide)(ECO Process)(File formats...):


            Rename Part

            The header line is:



            The format for the rename part information is:

            U7 U1 


            where U7 is the old name and U1 is the new name.


            To rename multiple parts, list them on separate lines under the same *RENPART* header.


            All parts under the same *RENPART* header are renamed simultaneously; therefore, to swap the reference designators between two parts, the following input is accepted:

            U1 U2

            U2 U1 


            To facilitate renaming parts, duplicate names are not checked until all renaming is complete. This lets the example above run without a conflict over U2. If any error is encountered, parts in the list are not renamed.

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            Normally, a reference designator renumbering is based on the PCB Layout.  It's more common to have to find a known designator on a board, so 1-100 from top left to bottom right is easier.  So Mentor decided the proper way to renumber is to back annotate from Layout.  You can make changes to the schematic reference designators using Visual Basic or manually writing an ECO file.  I've done this before, but it's been a number of years so I can't find the files anywhere.

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              David Ricketts

              Rename Components for Logic schematics


              This is a basic script to resequence reference designators on a Logic schematic, starting on sheet 1. There are limited options for direction of the sequencing and which designators to include. I did not write this, and don't know who did, but they have my thanks. I added the sch_ prefix to distinguish it.

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                @Dang, Dave. Long time.  That's just what I needed.  Works beautifully.  I know the back annotate trick, but they prefer the schematics left to right top to bottom.  Thanks again man.  Hope you're well.