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    Problem during Trilogy installation




      We want to install Trilogy software but during the "FlexNet Server-11.6-Setup_12.04" installation, we had a problem. You could see the picture that i have attached below.error.png

      Could you help me to fix this problem.

      I think that the setup file it's not compatible with Windows 7.


      Many Thanks


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          I have just tried to install VSure 9.0.1 licensing on both Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit machines.


          It installs fine on 32-bit.  On a Windows 7 64-bit machine, that error message (Operating system not supported. ErrorCode: 3 2 89 0) is displayed.


          Please use Windows 7 32-bit for your license server if using a Valor dongle, or move to a newer version of vSure (Valor NPI) using Mentor licensing.