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    Library Manager Exit or Quit issue


      In Library Manager application startup script below, I realize that Library Manager Task ID application still exist even I already quit Library Manager application. I used the same startup script below for DxDesigner and Expedition applications. Both applications quit or exit completely without Task ID in Windows Task Manager. Is this a bug of Exit functionality in Library Manager? Any workaround you can advise to kill Library Manager application in Windows Task Manager?


      Option Explicit

      Scripting.DontExit = True

      Scripting.Globals.Data("ApplicationStartup") = ScriptEngine

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          This issue is known from before.

          This issue is fixed by VX.1.



          Please try an attached script, if you are using EE7.9.4 or EE7.9.5.




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            Hi Satoro,


            Yes, I am using EE7.9.4. Unfortunately, my company is not ready with VX yet. It looks like I have to survive without using the Standard Library Manager Events method as below. Pretty sad to hear this was a bug for EE7.9.4. Any possible Mentor provide EE7.9.4 update on this or can you point up which binary file(s) cause the bug? Maybe I can just copy the binary file(s) from VX1 to EE7.9.4. Thank you in advance for your advise!



            Option Explicit

            Scripting.DontExit = True

            Scripting.Globals.Data("ApplicationStartup") = ScriptEngine


            Dim appID : appID = "LibraryManager.Application"

            Dim app : set app = GetObject(, appID)


            ' Attach Standard Library Manager events to the application

            Call Scripting.AttachEvents(app, "libOpenEvents")


            Sub libOpenEvents_OpenLibrary()

                 bla bla bla

            End Sub

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              Now, the status of this defect is "Close".

              A sample script is the workaround which I got by this defect.


              I think that a possibility that update will be released is low since this defect has a workaround.

              First of all, please register on SupportNet or contact the support center of your region.




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                Hi I Am usin Expedition VX1.2
                I got as well issues to exit a script.

                It is a script to log changes made i a cell.



                The script works fine for the first cell which gets changed but on the second one i get two qestions to add a log message. Means the sript startet in the first cell is still active.


                Option Explicit


                ' Get the application object

                Dim pcbAppObj

                Dim pcbDocObj



                Set pcbAppObj = Application                ' Get the application object.

                Set pcbDocObj = pcbAppObj.ActiveDocument   ' Get the active document


                ' Add any type libraries to be used.



                ' Create the file system object

                Dim fileSysObj

                Set fileSysObj = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")


                ' Add Event handler

                Call Scripting.AttachEvents(pcbDocObj, "pcbDocObj")


                'Cell Name

                Dim CellPath, LogPath, strUser

                CellPath = pcbDocObj.FullName

                LogPath =  Mid(CellPath, 1, Len(CellPath) - 3 )

                strUser = CreateObject("WScript.Network").UserName


                'MsgBox LogPath



                Scripting.DontExit = True



                '   Event Handlers for document


                Sub  pcbDocObj_OnClosed ()

                    msgBox "Close"

                    'set fileSysObj = nothing

                    set pcbAppObj = nothing

                    set pcbDocObj = nothing

                    Scripting.DontExit = false

                end Sub



                Sub  pcbDocObj_OnSave ()

                'Write Log to File

                'MsgBox LogPath

                if (fileSysObj.FileExists(LogPath & "txt")) Then

                    'msgBox "exist1"

                    Dim myLine, myFile, line, myTemp, lineNum

                    Set myFile = fileSysObj.OpenTextFile(LogPath & "txt", 1, True)

                    Set myTemp = fileSysObj.OpenTextFile(LogPath & "tmp", 2, True)

                    lineNum = 1


                    Do While Not myFile.AtEndofStream

                        line = myFile.ReadLine


                        Select Case lineNum

                        Case 1


                        Case 2

                            'MsgBox Mid (line, 8, 3)'Debug.WriteLine("Between 6 and 8, inclusive")

                            Dim tes

                            tes = Mid (line, 8, 3)

                            myTemp.WriteLine("Index: " & tes + 1)

                        Case 3

                            myTemp.WriteLine("Last Cell Modification: " & Now())

                        Case 4

                            myTemp.WriteLine("Last Edited by: " & strUser)

                        case 5

                            myTemp.WriteLine ("__________________________________________________________________________________________")

                        case else

                            myTemp.WriteLine (line)

                        End Select

                    lineNum = lineNum + 1



                    ' Get new Log message

                    Dim LogMessage

                    LogMessage = InputBox("Pleas log cell changes     min. 5 characters required","Cell Log")

                    'if (LogMessage = "")Then

                    '    MsgBox "Leer"

                    'end if


                    'MsgBox Len(LogMessage)

                    'User needs to log the Cell change

                    While Len(LogMessage) <=4

                    MsgBox "Message length min. 5 characters"

                    LogMessage = InputBox("Pleas log cell changes","Cell Log")



                    'Write new modification log

                    myTemp.WriteLine ("__________________________________________________________________________________________")

                    myTemp.WriteLine ("#" & tes + 1)

                    myTemp.WriteLine ("#Modification: " & Now())

                    myTemp.WriteLine ("#Edited by: " & strUser)

                    myTemp.WriteLine ("#" & LogMessage)





                    fileSysObj.DeleteFile(LogPath & "txt")

                    fileSysObj.MoveFile LogPath & "tmp", LogPath & "txt"


                    Dim EditFile

                    Set EditFile = fileSysObj.CreateTextFile(LogPath & "txt", 1)


                    'Write header and first index message


                    EditFile.WriteLine ("Index: 1")

                    EditFile.WriteLine ("Last Cell Modification: " & Now())

                    EditFile.WriteLine ("Last Edited by: " & strUser)

                    EditFile.WriteLine ("__________________________________________________________________________________________")

                    EditFile.WriteLine ("#1")

                    EditFile.WriteLine ("#Modification: " & Now())

                    EditFile.WriteLine ("#Edited by: " & strUser)

                    EditFile.WriteLine ("#New Cell created")


                end If

                End Sub   


                Dose any one see a mistake or is it a bugg?