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    How to "lock" a RefDes?


      Hi! I tried searching the forums for this but could not find an answer. I am using DxDesigner EE7.9.5.


      I would like to lock some reference designators for a given board. Let's say I have a connector which is initially J?. I want to set it to J1 and to keep that RefDes (prevent automatic renaming). The problem is that if the PCB designer regenerates RefDes based on the component placement, I loose J1 and it gets renamed to something else.


      Ideally, I would be able to "lock" this refdes at the schematic level as the PCB designer does not care (nor should he) about this. But if it has to be done in Expedition, it is not a deal breaker. At this point, all I want is J1 to be J1.


      Thanks in advance for the help!