Automation and .hkp files.

Discussion created by ed_smith on May 8, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2010 by artsiom.shchatsko

I see from the Blogs that a number of people have started new projects which read and parse .hkp files. Help me to understand why you would choose to read an .hkp file when the use of Automation would seem to be easier and offer so many other advantages (such as speed of development, speed of execution and ease of integration into the application). Everything (and more) that is in an .hkp file is available through Automation.


I have done both - I've picked information out of .hkp files and I've used Automation and I wouldn't want to go back to reading .hkp files.


Does Automation have the perception of having a steep learning curve? Is it just that it's easier to work with what you already know? Is Automation deficient in some respect?


I would find it instructive to understand why, when undertaking a new project, you would rather read an .hkp file than use Automation. Any feedback will be appreciated.


Thanks, Ed