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    How to add new item ( component attributes) from EXCEL import


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      PADS LOGIC ,,,how to add new item ( component attributes ) from EXCEL import


      how can i do ... ?

      1.  a new schematic ( BOM)  export to TXT or EXCEL , this is ok !!

      2. but , if i want to edit and add new component attributes from EXCEL , then import to PADS LOGIC . how can i do . ?




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          Depends on how many you need to do, and how often ?


          * For just a few, you can copy/paste one element at a time, from Excel, directly into SCH (or PCB) Attribute editor.

          [ Pair-copy using ^C ^V ^X ^V  can get you two items with one window change ]


          * For larger blocks, the Library Part Edit allows Excel Multi-line Paste (tab+CrLf delineated blocks )

          That means you needs to SaveToLib (or have your lib already in Sync), Block-paste modify the Lib parts needed, and then do UpdateFromLib with Update Attributes not in design = Y


          * For often, and very large changes, you could look at the PADS ASCII and PADS ECO formats and create your own external script.

          Takes a couple of hours to write and test the Script, but then you can manage frequent and global data set sweeps.


          - In Logic ASCII Files,  the Attributes have a Line Counter in the PART heading  and then N lines of Attributes.

          To add new Attr, increase that Count Value, and insert new Attr lines for each part needed.


          - or the simpler ECO ASCII import may give enough scope. An example ECO file & ECO commands is




          R3_1  R1/8W


          D1  LED  LEDAK

          *DEL_ATTRIBUTE*    PART    C8

          "VOLTAGE RATING"




          *DEL_ATTRIBUTE*    PART    U5



          *SET_ATTRIBUTE*    PART    U4

          "Geometry.Height"    0.10000"

          "NewA_U4A"    vNewA_U4A

          "NewA_U4B"    vNewA_U4B


          You can see the commands for  *DEL_ATTRIBUTE* and *SET_ATTRIBUTE*  and those can add sets of attributes to designated RefDes.


          The PADS Logic inbuilt Script engine, also has an example (in the help under Attributes.Add) of adding new Attributes to a given RefDes, and that in-built script can read an external csv file, for a list of what to add where.