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    Problem with Parts List Generation


      Hello, to All,


      I have just finished a project and started generating reports. In *LAYOUT* When I tried to generate 'Parts List' the contents of the report are:


      BOARD STATISTICS REPORT -- LabReference_PCB_Filter_Layout_071514.pcb -- Wed Jul 16 15:41:23 2014


      Job Design Time:    20:39


      Part Types:         26

      Parts TopSide:      127   BottomSide:     0     Total: 127

      Drilled pads:       296   Undrilled pads: 0     Total: 296

      Via Name : STANDARDVIA   Via Count : 25

      Signal Nets:        42

      Connections Routed: 221  Partially 0    Unrouted: 0    Total: 221



      ...... and so on.


      I.e., the contents of my 'Parts List' is actually a Statistics report. Not only that but the listed project pcb - LabReference_PCB_Filter_Layout_071514.pcb - is *incorrect*, as is the date - *July 16 2014*. I tried this several times with the same results. I then went to a second machine which is running a newer version of PADS and oddly enough a 'Parts List' report is not even an option, only 'Parts List 1' and 'Parts List 2'.


      'Parts List 1' and 'Parts List 2' show up *correctly* in their respective formats.


      I guess the first question would be, what information is contained in 'Parts List' which may not show up in 'Parts List 1' and 'Parts List 2' ?


      Also, is there a VB script that generates 'Parts List', and if so, what is it named (aside from possibly the obvious) ?



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          I don't recall there being a standard report called 'Parts List', just the 'Parts List 1' and Parts List 2'. The report data you showed is coming from the report that is normally named 'Statistics'.  Depending on the sort of data you want output you should be able to have better luck with the VB Script reports found in Tools > Basic Scripts > Basic Scripts.  The '17 - Excel Part List Report' would be a good one to look at. Some variations of this output and steps on creating your own report can be found in the following technote:  https://supportnet.mentor.com/portal?do=reference.technote&id=MG21428

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            From my v9.5 install:

            'Parts List

            '#Uses "RGL.bas"
            Sub Main
            With ActiveDocument
              outFile = OpenReport (DefaultFilePath & "\Part List.rep")
              Print #outFile, "Parts List Report -- ";
              Print #outFile, .Name; " -- ";
              Print #outFile, GetTime
              Print #outFile, "Total components = "; .Components.Count; "  component(s)"
              Print #outFile

              Out "Reference Designation      PartType                     Logic Type"
              Out "------------------------------------------------------------------"

              Columns 10, 27, 60
               For Each nextComp In .Components
                Out nextComp, nextComp.PartType, nextComp.PartTypeLogic
                Print #outFile
               Next nextComp

            End With
            End Sub

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              Ahh, good point, though the RGL sample files are different than the reports that one would find in File > Reports.  The reports for those are using .fmt files located in C:\MentorGraphics\<version>PADS\SDD_HOME\Settings.


              The difference between the Part Lis.bas and Part List 1.bas is the 'Print #outFile' line in the Part List.bas file which creates an extra space between lines of data in the report.

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                Hello, to All,


                'Chuckt', and 'MENTOR_BillT', I had looked into all of the things suggested before I posted, i.e., the Sample .bas files, the Excel file script, .... I knew that what was being shown as a 'Parts List' report was indeed a 'Statistics' report, as PADS had correctly generated my statistics report (I still don't know why the returned results for the 'Parts List' report was so corrupted, i.e., not a parts list at all, and again, not even the correct filename for the current project). Part of the reason I was asking about the variations in content was that I was wondering if any of the LAYOUT parts lists generated *parts values*.

                Maybe I'm supposed to generate a new query at this point, but do either of you - or, anybody else - know how to get/find the members of the 'Part.' structure ? As I mentioned, I had looked at this before, but because I don't know what is in the structure, or, where to find information on the contents of various structures, I can't even modify the, i.e., VB/Excel script. Is there a document which lists the various structure contents ?


                Thanks for all the suggestions so far.



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                  Your path may be different.


                  Chapter 47

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                    The location of the documentation for the Basic script commands varies a bit depending on the version you are using. For example, in PADS 9.5, go to Help > Documentation > PADS Layout User's Guide and Reference Manual > open PDF. Search for Automation and look at the section with "Component.". For PADS VX.1.1 go to Help > Open Documentation > PADS Layout Command Reference Manual > Open PDF. Search for the section with "Component.".


                    The Part List reports can be customized to include the property values you want by following the section on creating a custom part placement report in technote MG21428 using the PADS Layout Script Wizard.

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                      Thanks for your help with my 'Parts List' problem. I'm not sure why Mentor only lets one answer be accepted as 'Correct', and I had already accepted another answer. Maybe they can/will change their policy.


                      I did want to thank you and your answer was just as correct.


                      Good luck.



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                        Hello, MENTOR_BillT,


                        Thanks for your assistance and indeed I was able to find what I needed in the 'Automation' section. Both you and 'Chuckt', were of tremendous help.