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    xDX Designer - Quickly Highlighting Nets in Schematic


      Is there a VB script out there that makes highlighting and jumping through the different locations of nets fast?  The Find and Replace Dialog Box is slow and decreases productivity significantly.  Also, I have to tell it to only choose nets or it will select net segments and as I click 'Find Next', it will end up going to the same place twice.

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          Hi Jeffrey. I've moved your question to the Xpedition 'Automation and Scripting' community where it should get a quicker reply. (FYI - PADS also has a Scripting community, Scripting  ,  if you want to take a look there.)

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            As far as I know, there are no built-in methods for doing what you want to do.


            I have an application that does this, with the following steps:


            1. Visit each page in the schematic.

            2. Record the sheet number and location of each net connection in a dictionary keyed on the net name

            3. Use a combo box and listview to select and display the location information for each net.

            4. When the user double-clicks on a location, the active view is set to the appropriate page and zoomed in to the location specified.


            It's basically a brute-force method of collecting information then forcing the schematic to go to the correct location. Not as elegant as I'd like it to be, but a huge timesaver for a number of tasks.