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    PADS Logic: "Reached Part-Type database limit"


      Has anyone seen or know the reason why a dialog box stating "Reached part type database limit" would be shown?  This wouldn't be the same as running in demo mode where you typically see the "exceeding limits, will now run in demo mode" saying.  Story being a user was working in a larger file (roughly 450k) and before they knew what happened, they tried to reopen and seen the dialog box and wasn't able to open the design.  The program went into deep thinking and proceeded to shutdown.  This happens every time any user tried to open this file...as well as the file appearing around 65k now.  So, in my estimation there must have been some corrupting that occurred and now that file is kaput?  Thoughts or ideas on how to fix whatever s broken?  My best alternative would be to back up to Friday's version and go from there. 


      Thanks in advance.

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          Run <File><Reports>(Limits); you will probably have to do this on Friday's file.  It appears you can only have 64 different part types on a sheet; did your customer add the 65th? 



          JOB LIMITS REPORT -- Untitled -- Mon Oct 05 16:08:33 2015


                      --------------- NEXT SHEET NUMBER 1 --------------


          ITEM TYPE                   ALLOCATED        USED


          Text Strings                     64            16


          Part Types                       64             0


          Other                            20            20

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            Good call!  That's likely what had happened, although i'll sort through what was likely changed that sent it over the limit.  I suppose if 'any' of these items were overused, then the program may puke?  i guess i'll keep this in mind for the next time...although my program shows a difference in parameter limits but perhaps that's exclusive to one's license/version/?


            Thanks though for the fast response, you rock!!!


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              This is no real limit. This limit is dynamic. Add more and the limit number will be increased.