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    is it possible to create Reuse with out Net property ??


      Hi everyone i am using DDR with Top and Bottom placement which is replicate in some other section also (but that section in 180 degree rotation).so i need to copy the trace and via one section and replicate in to the other section without net property.is it possible to do in the Reuse method.




      another question is while copying single fanout,i got some error please suggest the idea ??


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          I'm not sure if I understand the "without Net property" portion of your question, but if you're looking to reuse the 1st DDR components routing, use the steps below.


          1. Select the DDR component and it's connected traces/vias segments you want to keep.
          2. Make Reuse
          3. Right click and choose to Reset Origin, then select the datum of the DDR component
          4. Right click and save to file (with the reuse block still selected)
          5. Get the (x,y) of the 2nd DDR component
          6. Select it and choose the Make Like Reuse
          7. Use <ctrl-r> to rotate the reuse block
          8. Go to the Reuse properties and enter the (x,y) of the 2nd DDR component
          9. Break both reuse blocks