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    License request for pwrshell feature failed - need help please


      Hi, I am running PADS Layout 2005 SPac1 Build #2005.103.1 on a Windows XP computer. (yeah, I know you are wondering why)


      I am receiving this error:


      Security System wasn't properly initialized: License request for pwrshell feature failed the program will run in demo mode.


      I have a Flexid - 9 - 2A14F48B dongle. When I plug it in Windows sees it and says Aladdin Knowledge System Key. The new hardware wizard opens.


      I downloaded a program called checkplusid from Viewlogic Systems I found listed on a Mentor Graphics website page. I put the dongle in every USB port on my computer and ran the program but each time it said No ID detected. I have not run the PADs in a year but need to make a change on the last PCB I did. Now I am stuck.


      I am thinking I should reinstall the drivers but I am not sure what driver to download.


      If I could, I would like to get PADs to run on my newer computer which uses Windows 8.1 but I am not sure if it will run or how to go about transferring it over. My old computer is on its last legs and I have to reset the time and date each time I turn it on.( Update: I replaced the battery in my computer so the time and date etc stay set. Could the battery running out and losing the time and date setting effected my key?)


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.




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          It sounds like your PC is not seeing your hardware key.


          You can probably ignore the "checkplusid" utility.  Older versions of PADS had the ability to use a "CPLUS_ID" hardware key - and it sounds like that utility is related to that dongle rather than the FLEXID=9-........ dongle you mention.


          You will need the hardware key drivers for that version of PADS.  My software archive starts with the 2007.2 release and this gives you options to install hardware key drivers at the time of installation.  If you re-install and look out for hardware key / dongle drivers / an option to install licensing, then you should be able to locate them.  If you install licensing, and locate the "lmtools" utility, you should see the hardware key listed in the "System Settings" tab.


          Another utility installed with licensing is "pcls_ok".  You can use that to test if the "pwrshell" license is available.  The "Details>" box should give more clues if the license fails to check out.


          It is also worth checking that your license has not expired if you have not used PADS for a long time.


          Finally, you mention re-setting the date on your PC.  If you get a message about "System date set back", please let me know by replying to this message.





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            Hi David,




            Thank you for your answer. I tried reinstalling the license. “lmtools” “pcls_ok” did not show the hardware key or “pwrshell”. I then looked at a file called “site_(six digit number).txt” that I think is the license txt file and saw a line that reads:




            Increment padsped-c mgcld 2008.120  31-mar-2014




            Does this means my license expired March 31 2014? I last used PADs Dec 2013.




            I know I let my maintenance contract expire when we stopped using PADs regularly and that I was no longer entitled to updates and full support. I did not realize there would come a time when I would not be allowed to use the older version of PADs I had bought and paid for.




            Thanks - Judy

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              Hi Judy,


              Without a support contract, your license file was extended, but the version number (2008.120) remained the same - which means that you will have to remain on the old version of PADS (and Windows XP - because those old versions of PADS were released before Windows 7).


              A license with an extended expiry date is on Supportnet - under the My Licenses tab.  You should be able to access them even without a support contract.