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    Hyperlynx IBIS model issue (DDR simulation)




      After I assign models and nets to simulate I receive the following error, while I try to perform the DDR3 batch simulation.


      The following devices have inconsistent "Net to IBIS Model/Selector" mappings.

      All signals of the same type should share the same IBIS Model/Selector.

      Typically, this indicates that a signal net was not categorized correctly.



         Controller U10--

            Signal_Type  Pin#  IBIS_Signal  IBIS_Model/Selector  Net_Name

            DQS          M38   IP_DDR_0_DQSp BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_CLK_DIFF_M38 CPU_DDR3_DQS0_P

            DQS          J38   IP_DDR_1_DQSp BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_CLK_DIFF_J38 CPU_DDR3_DQS1_P

            DQS          F38   IP_DDR_2_DQSp BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_CLK_DIFF_F38 CPU_DDR3_DQS2_P

            DQS          C38   IP_DDR_3_DQSp BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_CLK_DIFF_C38 CPU_DDR3_DQS3_P

            DQS#         M37   IP_DDR_0_DQSn BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_CLK_DIFF_M37 CPU_DDR3_DQS0_N

            DQS#         J37   IP_DDR_1_DQSn BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_CLK_DIFF_J37 CPU_DDR3_DQS1_N

            DQS#         F37   IP_DDR_2_DQSn BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_CLK_DIFF_F37 CPU_DDR3_DQS2_N

            DQS#         C37   IP_DDR_3_DQSn BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_CLK_DIFF_C37 CPU_DDR3_DQS3_N

            DQ           L36   IP_DDR_0_DQ0 GRPIDQ0_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D0

            DQ           L38   IP_DDR_0_DQ1 GRPIDQ0_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D1

            DQ           K33   IP_DDR_0_DQ2 GRPIDQ0_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D2

            DQ           K31   IP_DDR_0_DQ3 GRPIDQ0_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D3

            DQ           K34   IP_DDR_0_DQ4 GRPIDQ0_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D4

            DQ           J34   IP_DDR_0_DQ5 GRPIDQ0_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D5

            DQ           J31   IP_DDR_0_DQ6 GRPIDQ0_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D6

            DQ           J32   IP_DDR_0_DQ7 GRPIDQ0_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D7

            DQ           G34   IP_DDR_1_DQ2 GRPIDQ1_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D10

            DQ           G33   IP_DDR_1_DQ3 GRPIDQ1_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D11

            DQ           H36   IP_DDR_1_DQ4 GRPIDQ1_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D12

            DQ           F31   IP_DDR_1_DQ5 GRPIDQ1_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D13

            DQ           G30   IP_DDR_1_DQ6 GRPIDQ1_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D14

            DQ           G31   IP_DDR_1_DQ7 GRPIDQ1_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D15

            DQ           F32   IP_DDR_2_DQ0 GRPIDQ2_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D16

            DQ           E32   IP_DDR_2_DQ1 GRPIDQ2_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D17

            DQ           F35   IP_DDR_2_DQ2 GRPIDQ2_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D18

            DQ           E36   IP_DDR_2_DQ3 GRPIDQ2_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D19

            DQ           E33   IP_DDR_2_DQ4 GRPIDQ2_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D20

            DQ           E38   IP_DDR_2_DQ5 GRPIDQ2_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D21

            DQ           D30   IP_DDR_2_DQ6 GRPIDQ2_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D22

            DQ           D31   IP_DDR_2_DQ7 GRPIDQ2_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D23

            DQ           D34   IP_DDR_3_DQ0 GRPIDQ3_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D24

            DQ           C35   IP_DDR_3_DQ1 GRPIDQ3_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D25

            DQ           C34   IP_DDR_3_DQ2 GRPIDQ3_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D26

            DQ           C32   IP_DDR_3_DQ3 GRPIDQ3_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D27

            DQ           D33   IP_DDR_3_DQ4 GRPIDQ3_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D28

            DQ           B35   IP_DDR_3_DQ5 GRPIDQ3_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D29

            DQ           B38   IP_DDR_3_DQ6 GRPIDQ3_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D30

            DQ           B33   IP_DDR_3_DQ7 GRPIDQ3_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_D31

            DM           J35   IP_DDR_0_DM  GRPIDQ0_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_DQM0

            DM           H33   IP_DDR_1_DM  GRPIDQ1_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_DQM1

            DM           F34   IP_DDR_2_DM  GRPIDQ2_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_DQM2

            DM           B36   IP_DDR_3_DM  GRPIDQ3_BCM28HPMFL3_T1XH_LPDDR3800M_SING CPU_DDR3_DQM3


      What could be wrong here. Any help appreciated.




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          what is the controller u are using and what is the ddr chip u are using ?it seems like you have selected two different models for the similar nets  for eg DQS Net you have used 2 different model check the mapping properly ,have u choose automatic mapping map proper group of signals like all data to data group address cmd cntrl to the respective group and data skew to DQS group clock to clock group