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    Import PartQuest Parts (from dropbox folder) stops working


      I've been using PartQuest successfully for several months.  After a multi-week hiatus from PCB design, I'm working on a new board and went through my typical pattern of selecting a part in PartQuest, setting it to download (into my dropbox, which has been successfully integrated since when I started using PartQuest). 


      So far, so good, however: On selecting Tools -> "Import PartQuest Parts" in xDX Designer, I get the message "There is no product license available on your machine. The PartQuest files will not be decrypted." 


      The same thing happens if I trigger the import from PADS Layout.


      I checked and our PADS licenses are good through 8/2016.


      I downloaded and installed the latest PartQuest Integration Utilities, rebooted, same problem.


      I deleted the PartQuest folder from the Apps directory of the dropbox and then re-linked the dropbox from my PartQuest profile, triggering the PartQuest folder and all its content to be re-generated.  Still no dice.


      I switched to the direct download approach and grabbed the part as a .pqz file, extracted it, then ran the import PartQuest parts menu item to import it, same error, (then I edited the PartQuest.ini file to actually point to the directory with the extracted file and THAT ran properly).  At this point, I would like to go back to the dropbox method rather than manually downloading part by part, but every time I try, it generates the same error.  To check if it had something to do with the files extracted from .pqz files vs files downloaded directly into dropbox, I manually copied a file [that had been pushed by PartQuest to the dropbox directory] into the download folder I'd been extracting .pqz files into, and the import command ran fine importing the file, so it appears the error follows the directory location, not the file delivery method.


      Has dropbox functionality been intentionally removed?

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          No, Dropbox is still supported, and thank you for the positive feedback!  Our engineering team is working to add tens of thousands of new parts yet this year!


          As for your current issue. we did move the configuration files to better support the new direct download capability which many users have to use.  To troubleshoot your issue.


          Using file explorer, enter %appdata%

          then go to the PartQuest Tools subdirectory.  Here you should find a file, Pq.ini which has  a key TargetDirectory=  This should point to PartQuest directory in your dropbox.  For example:

          TargetDirectory= D:\Users\glameris\Dropbox\Apps\PartQuest


          Then in your wdir directory, usually C:\Pads Projects\ there is a PartQuest folder that contains PartQuest.ini.  The Dropbox folder key should point to the above folder, but also add the flow, in your case PADS_Netlist as shown below.



          Then try to download a part.  If your still not successful, send me an email at gary_lameris@mentor.com.

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            Gary --


            Thanks for pointing me to the Pq.ini file -- I tried your suggestion, but sadly it didn't fix the problem.  However, I was able to solve it -- see below.


            Digging in, I noticed the error message "There is no product license available on your machine. The PartQuest files will not be decrypted."

            is being generated by pqd.bat located at:


            pqd.bat calls PartQuestDecrypter.exe located at:


            and the error message is shown in response to getting an error from PartQuestDecrypter.exe -- i.e. the warning is shown when %ERRORLEVEL% = -1


            I'm not sure what is causing the PartQuestDecrypter.exe to fail and exit with a status of -1, but since pqd.bat ALSO has provision to call a fallback instance of PartQuestDecrypter.exe located in:


            I figured I'd just move


            into another folder so pqd.bat wouldn't find it (and would be forced to use its backup version of PartQuestDecrypter.exe).


            Voila! It started working.  I have confirmed that Tools -> Import PartQuest Parts runs properly both when triggered from within xDX Designer as well as from within PADS Layout.


            So if anyone else is having this problem, try renaming or moving your version of:


            to force pqd.bat to use its fallback instance of PartQuestDecrypter.exe


            Best regards,

            Charles -Casey- Goodwin



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              I'm glad it's fixed, you might also try Technote 565409 to update the license files.



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                Gary --

                The same situation has recurred, 3 months later, and now I can't even open xDX Designer (or run PADS Layout/PADS Router in anything other than "Demo" mode).


                Here's what happened:

                On selecting Tools -> "Import PartQuest Parts" in xDX Designer, I got the message that a new version of PartQuest.exe was available, and suggested I should download it.  I did so, and installed it, closed and re-opened xDX Designer and PADS Layout, as well as my browsers, as suggested by the installer. 


                On re-opening my current xDX Designer project and selecting Tools -> "Import PartQuest Parts," I got the message "There is no product license available on your machine. The PartQuest files will not be decrypted."  This was the issue that originally started this thread in December.  So, I went through your initial suggested fix, which again did not solve the problem, and then I followed my own "fallback" workaround, which did NOT solve the problem this time.  So, I followed your subsequent instruction to update the license files as described by Technote 565409. 


                Now, however, on trying to open any of my xDX Designer projects, I get the message: "Trying to open 'Netlist' project.  There is no required license available: 'netlistflow'." 


                And trying to open either PADS Layout or PADS Router, I get the message: "Licensing error: FlexNet version of the vendor daemon is to old: 1717@HPD-S01." (HPD-S01 is our internal license server) followed by the message: "Security system wasn't properly initialized: FlexNet version of the vendor daemon is too old: 1717@HPD-S01.  The program will run in Demo mode." 


                I'm not sure what to do at this point -- following the instructions to update our license files as a final step to get the Partquest Decrypter to work,  I have apparently borked the licenses for xDX Designer, PADS Layout, and PADS Router.  Can you suggest a path to 1. Fix xDX Designer, PADS Layout, and PADS Router, so I can get back to work?  Obviously my next step once the system is up and running again will be to import PartQuest parts, but that doesn't even matter until my design software is back online.


                Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks!

                --Charles -Casey- Goodwin

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                  Please contact our support department. 


                  For self help, I believe this is related to technote MG66951

                  Mentor Graphics has incorporated Flexera’s fix for the FlexNet license server security vulnerability. Flexera recommends customers move to this release due to security issues that have been fixed in the license server software.

                  Download the licensing software:

                  Both MGLS and PCLS packages may be downloaded from the following locations:

                  Customers with current support contracts - http://supportnet.mentor.com/portal?do=releases&prod=C106-S128-G159-P11292

                  Customers with declined support contracts - http://supportnet.mentor.com/member/licensing

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                    Gary --


                    I read through MG66951, and the important part seems to be the lmgrd and mgcld versions -- both of ours are at v11.11, if I'm reading things right:

                    (Using the  Mentor License Utility, Server Services tab, clicking on Run Lmtools brings up the LMTOOLS software by Flexera.  In the Server Status tab, clicking on Perform Status Enquiry lists out the following, which appears to show that both lmgrd and mgcld are at v11.11:




                    Flexible License Manager status on Mon 3/14/2016 17:37


                    [Detecting lmgrd processes...]

                    License server status: 1717@HPD-S01

                        License file(s) on HPD-S01: C:\MentorGraphics\License_files\server_license.txt:


                       HPD-S01: license server UP (MASTER) v11.11


                    Vendor daemon status (on HPD-S01):


                         mgcld: UP v11.11

                    Feature usage info:

                    ... [long list of licensed features]


                    If I understand correctly, your pointing me to MG66951 suggests that I need to update the software serving the licenses from version 11.11 to version v11.13.1.2 -- is that correct?



                    --Charles -Casey- Goodwin