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    center y is .0051" different from position y


      I used two scripts that come with pads. The excel script to list component positions and the xy positions script. With the excel script the positionx, positiony are the same value as the centerx and centery values. But with the xy positions script, the positionY and centerY differ by .0051". Any ideas as to why that might be? or has anyone else seen this?

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          Have you changed the board origin?

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            Thanks for the reply. Here's what I have found out. Both scripts (Excel, XY Positions), actually do give the same data. Don't know what I was looking at the first time. So that's good because they both give the same results; .0051 difference between  Y location, and center Y. The reason it is like this is because the center function or object, gets its measurement from the extremes of the component, including the component outline. In this case, the component outlines were not exactly centered on the actual decal; hence the difference. I was actually able to measure the coordinates in PADS manually with the cursor and get the same result's; mystery solved.