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    Tracking Mentor Product licenses in FlexNet Manager


      We currently using FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications to centrally manage all the licenses we have for the various applications.


      In FlexNet Manager you may create reports for the features of any application but you may not create reports for products.

      For example, we may get the denials for “hypbswsiext_c” but we may not realize for which for the 2 products the request had been done, e.g. HyperLynx SI PI Bnd or HyperLynx SI LBSim GHz as far as this feature belongs to both products.


      Has anyone experience/proposal on this issue?

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          You appear to have SI BSim GHz, SI LSim GHz plus the "combination product" SI PI Bundle which includes both BSim / LSim and other options e.g. DC Drop.  (I'll admit that's a simplified description!)


          Your floating licenses are flexible - so it is not possible to identify whether one users "BSim" license is from the BSim product or the PI bundle.  in fact, it does not really matter.


          If you are only running out of "hypbswsiext_c" licenses, then you probably need more "HyperLynx SI BSim GHz" licenses.  If you also get "denied" messages for other licenses, speak to your account team to work out what is the best product to give you the additional licenses you need.