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    How to replace multiple symbols in parts editor


      In our library there are multiple symbols for resistors. For example Resistor_1w, Resistor_3w and so on. Now we decided to remove them and replace only one Resistor symbol. All generic symbols to have one symbol instead of having multiple symbols. One resistor symbol, one Diode symbol, One Zener Diode symbol and so on.

      Is there any option to replace them in easy way or any option there in ALE for this? Please help me on this.




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          You know, I thought I had added that ability but apparently I only provided the ability to add symbols.


          It's not an easy thing to do because symbols are read only in the PDB. It requires a "new" part being built, the information copied over to the new part from the old part, and removing the symbols at that time. The problem with this is, as it sometimes happens with Heal PDB, the pin mapping doesn't want to commit the same way it originally was added. This is because parts that have been translated can bypass the internal checks that automation can not bypass.


          You can send an email to my bosses: Jody Miller (Jody_Miller@mentor.com) or Scott Williams (Scott_Williams@mentor.com) and see if my priorities can be changed to add this capability. Otherwise alternate automation would need to be created to allow for this type of modification.