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    Create the "Find" window in a script


      I am writing a script to highlight test points by net, so I can spread them across the board for power and ground nets. This works fine, except that it isn't easy to see when the test points highlight in larger boards, particularly busy ones.  My script shuts off every layer except the bottom side, shuts of traces, outlines, ref des and text.  It then turns all the pads and vias dark blue, but it still isn't easy to see when they light up, mostly because I also color code my power and ground pins.  I can right click and bring up the Find window before running the script which does what I want.  As the test points are selected and highlight on the board, they also highlight in the find window (without the clutter), but I would like to invoke the find window from within the script.  Anyone know how to do this?

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          Perhaps you can do that by recording a macro to open the Find window, save it, and then execute that macro from your script.

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            I know I can do that, but when I write my scripts I like to keep them as

            self contained as I can.  I also like to know as much as I can about

            scripting in general.  For example, the help file mentions

            activedocument.layer(x).setcolor but only gives four examples.  There is

            no list of the format or list of features available.  Thankfully, some

            letters change from lower case to upper case when you finally guess the

            text for a particular item, ie (ppcbLayerColorPad)


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