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    VX1.2_User_defined_layers in Library Manager


      Hello all,

      can somebody help me with one issue in Library Manager?


      I defined a user layer in Library Manager (Setup\Setup Parameters\General\Layers) and I expect I'll see this new layer in a new design layout (integrated flow)  but I can't see it in a Display control in ExpeditionPCB.


      It doesn't work in this way?


      Many thanks


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          ... is the only way to see a user defined layer in Display control to ADD a user defined layer to Layout Template??

          Then I wouldn't know why to define in Library Manager-Setup-Setup parameters-General-Layers.




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            what was my goal:

            - I draw a schematic and to some components I add manually a value (Neosazovat) of property NOTE.

            - In layout I need to generate an assembly diagram with this property value to aproppirate componets

            (I defined:

            1) a Property Name"NOTE" in Property definition editor in Library Manager

            2) a layer NOTE_property in Library Manager (Setup\Setup Parameters\General\Layers)

            3) a property text on layer NOTE_property and Property Name "NOTE" in Cell editor to appropriate cell and position



            When I was in layout I expected I see a layer NOTE_property in Display control - I didn't see.

            To see my value property Neosazovat on the placed cell I had to do this:


            ECO\Replace Cell\Reset an appropriate cell


            After this I can see the layer NOTE_property in Display control on tab FAB insection User Draft Layer


            I would expect it will be displayed automatically.



            Hope it helps to somebody



            p.s now I'd like to add automatically a property text to all cell in my library... e.g. by Advanced Library Editor... I haven't find out the way to do it....