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    RSCM/ICDB required



      We are on the Vx1.1 Xpedition->dxdesigner flow.  We make very small schematics and boards and we have a small EE department with 20 or so users.  Do we have to use the ICDB/RSCM.  Our users complain that it crashes occasionally and they say they never have multiple people working on a design anyway.


      are there any "bad" things that can happen if ICDB/RSCM isn't used (concurrent design is not enabled) and then someone accidentally modifies a schematic while someone else is working on the layout?






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          You can work on projects without using the RSCM, the only thing you can not do is have multiple people work in the project at the same time, this includes working in Xpedition and xDX Designer with multiple people.  I have also seen it lock up the project as well but that is easy to fix just go into the project\database\cdbsvr\ folder and delete the address.adr file and the project will open after that.

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