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    How can I monitor capacity-license


      I am looking for some tools to monitor Capacity-license usage to better understand additional needs.

      The number of licenses concentrated in xDM can't be monitored by flex license management.

      Please tell the taking technique of Log-printout of the total number of open-sessions(xDM Library Capacity user Op SW) in xDM Library Server Administration tool.

      In addition also, the total number of licenses of #3308,#1228,#102116.


      ・・・If possible, DB Library category

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          You can get a "snapshot" of what licenses are in use from the command:


               lmutil  lmstat  -f  <featurename>  -c  <path_to_license_server>


          For example:


               lmutil  lmstat  -f  dmscapacuser  -c  1717@myserver


          However, I do not recommend you use "lmstat" regularly in a script more than once every 10 minutes.  "lmstat" takes priority over license checkouts, and will cause slow checkout performance if used too much.


          Regarding xDM Library Server, I believe that you will see all the licenses checked out by "mgcserveruser" or your local equivalent user.  You can then use the Admin tool to get details of the actual users.  This is probably too complex to answer in the discussion forum, so please raise a service request via Supportnet and a local support engineer can give you more details if you need them.




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            Thanks, David

            I tested your command,but I cannot monito dmscapacuser.

            I can monitor the next command

                 lmutil lmstat -f dmscapusr100

            However, It is not what I expect.

            I will discuss with Mentor Japan about this problem.