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    xDX zoom to area with VB.NET


      This seems like it should be easy to do... I do not see any support or examples to zoom to an area on a sheet in the active view. We have View > Zoom Area, and Strokes that work well interactively. I have used ZoomSelect, but it seems to be inconsistent on components.


      Maybe I have missed something in the Communities or xDX documentation?

      Has anyone done this consistently xDX?

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          This is the code you are looking for:


                   sheet = app.SchematicSheetDocuments.Open(design_name, sht_num)


                   view = app.ActiveView



                   For n = 1 To zoom_level

                       view.setcenter(pt.X, pt.Y)





          I have made some assumptions that you know how to properly set  app and design_name, and declare the rest of the relevant variables here.  If any of that is not clear, post up further questions and we can cover them too.

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            This works very well...


            Thank you!