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How to stack multiple splices in VeSys Harness drawing

Question asked by kiwanjung on Oct 28, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2016 by James.Wilkinson



I'm trying to create a harness drawing based on existing harness. It has Molex connector with 60 cavities and 15 wires are spliced 5 cm away from the connector.


I realized that VeSys wouldn't let me stack splices. 



So tried different ways to place splices and one that worked gets messy quite fast. Above picture is with 5 splices and I need to place 10 more. Even after making it as a flex cable (in full scale mode), VeSys wouldn't let me override the length to 20 due to minimum length violation. I need those splices exactly 5 cm away so that the BOM has exact length.


Any ideas as to how I can add 15 splices at one point? I do not have much room on either end to place horizontally. Also, placing it horizontally will mess up the length calculation (I think).