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    xDxDesigner VX.2.1 - Symbol editor problem


      When i save a new symbol starting from an old symbol (e.g. Save As.. and then change the file name) and select a pin from the Pins table a new tab is automatically opened.


      This is the correct symbol with path in the window's title after the "Save as" action


      This is the new automatically opened tab with the same symbol and without the file path in the window's title after the selection of a pin.


      This is the error message if i try to save this new symbol instead the one i saved early

      Sometimes is difficult to realize that this new tab is opened and the result is the lost of the work

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          This appears to be a bug, but it is not happening in the next version of PADS (VX.2.2) due later this year. As a workaround I would suggest closing the editor after renaming the symbol and then opening the new symbol for edit in a new instance of the symbol editor.

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            Hi Robert,


            the Problem still exist in PADS VX.2.4 Update 2!!


            We have some more serious Problem with the new Symbol Editor.

            Our Supportteam from Cadlog does even not know why this problem we have, maybe you can help us:


            We use Windows 10 with PADS VX.2.4 Update 2 and we use the windows subst command to generate a virtual B: (Its a folder on every pc, for example C:/SVN). All our ECAD (Librarys etc), Projects are under the control of Subversion


            We design a Symbol and place it in the schematic. Now when I want to Edit the symbol it opens normally and I do the modifications. After close the symbol editor and update in the schematic all works fine and I see the Modifications. Now starts the probem: When I reopen this symbol then I see it, like saved in first version without the modifications.


            For example I add a property to the symbol and save it and open the .1 file with a editor then I see the property as text. But when I open this with the symbol editor then it disappears.


            We already tried to copy schematic and symbols outside of SVN and outside of the virtual drive, but it has the same behavour.

            When I send all  files to my support then all works normally on his pc.

            Is there some cache PADS use or why he opens me always a old (first generated) symbol?