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    Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express and VX.2.1 64bits


      Dear all,


      Up to now, I have used Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express to develop a lot of scripts for EE7.9.4 tools (32bits version).


      We plan to upgrade from EE7.9.4  (32bits) to EE VX.2.1  (64bits).

      If I well understood, this update  implies that I update all the COM reference declared in my Visual Basic projects.


      When I try to open my Visual Basic projects on the computer on which is installed the VX.2.1 tools(64bits):

      - all 32bits COM references are lost (e.g.: viewdraw) : it’s normal.

      - I can only add the «MGCPCB (AutoActive series)Type Library» COM references : why?

      - others COM references like «viewdraw» are not seen.


      Has anyone encountered the same issue?

      Am I in a wrong way to proceed?


      Thanks for your help.




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          I opened an SR about this issue.  It was bumped up to a DR, DR/ER #01213196. The current status is:

          18 Oct 2016

          Reviewed during the latest planning cycle and not selected for inclusion in the current release.  The next review cycle is planned for 1H2017.

          There is a way to get around it. 

          1. Uninstall .2.1.

          2. Install .1.0 (the very first VX release; maybe it's just .1)

          3. Install .2.1

          4. Using the Release Switcher, make sure .2.1 is the registered version.


          Some of the missing COM references will reappear.  Some won't. I forget exactly which ones. For the ones that are now listed in the normal add references list, use them.


          In your .net project, remove old references and add new, using the COM object explorer where you have to manually add the reference by selecting a .dll or .tlb file. Go to the \project\obj\x86\Debug folder in your project and select the Interop.xxxx.dll file, like Interop.Viewdraw.dll, etc.


          Yes I realize this is in effect using the .dll files from the prior release.  So far that does not seem to be an issue, and I have not had any odd failures or lost functionality in any of the tools.  I have working scripts for DxDesigner, Xpedition, Fablink, Drawing Editor, PartEditor, CellEditor, and PadstackEditor. I made an automation template with all of this working for .1.2, which you can get here. At a minimum you can get all the .dll files you need from it, if the ones in your current projects don't work per the above instructions.


          Best of luck getting it to work.  I really hope Mentor addresses this sometime soon. If they change something in the COM and the old .dlls don't work, it will cause a major disruption.  Well, what it will cause is we won't upgrade our software until they fix it. The out is that they officially don't support compiled scripts, so anything using the COM is tough luck if it doesn't work.

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            Many thanks for your detailed answer.