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    Automation in Dxdesigner


      Hello All,


      I want to invoke menus though automation is it possible.Actually my requirement is mentioned below:

      Open DxDesigner  -->Edit (Menu) -->Find and Replace Text               below is the image attached these are the changes to be done through automation.

      Please help in achieving the above procedure.


      Thanks & Regards,




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          Hi Vasanthi,


          What you are requesting here is far from a trivial matter, and is far beyond the scope of what most people who can do something of the sort would be willing to do for free. Based on the real-world experience I have doing the DxDatabook Utilities tool I've mentioned recently in other posts here, I'd estimate at least 50 hours of work to do what you are asking.  My intention in sharing that utility was that you could use it as a starting point for your own development.  Most of the hard work is already done in it, or at least there are working examples of how to go about the process. 


          I cannot speak for others here but based on what I've seen here over the past few years, it will be a stretch to get what you are asking. The more typical case here is that a person will get hung up on a particular function or not know how to get around some problem, and an example subroutine or function or simply the right function call will get them on their way. The expectation is that the person making the request would have done all they could do already, and be willing to put in some of their own time doing whatever homework is needed to be able to understand and use the help that is given.


          There is a lot of information already available here.  You  may have to dig a bit to find it.  I wish you the best in finding a solution.

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            Hi Patrick,

            Thanks for your Response!!

            Actually the utility which you shared with me would take more time to generate the expected output,my intention is to get the output quickly,as shared the image which would do work for me in secs which would be acceptable.Below are questions.


            1.The Image which i shared in the post can be achieved through automation,Is this possible if yes how can this be achieved.

            2.Is there any other which would finish the work in less than a minute.


            Please guide me in achieving through automation. what are dxdesigner methods i need to use.


            Thanks & Regards,


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              That all happens quickly because:

              - All the icdb data is read into memory when the database loads.

              - Reading from memory (RAM) is thousands of times faster than from a disk.


              Making changes to properties on parts is slow because:

              - Making changes to the database involves a database transaction for every item that changes.

              - The icdb is updated real-time. 

              - All of them require a disk write, which is even slower than a disk read.


              Automation adds a layer to the process because it has to execute a call to DxDesigner, which in turn executes the database function. 


              All the required functions have already been built in my DxDatabook Utilities.