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    Costume command



      I'm trying to change the functionality of a built-in function inside the xdx.

      I was able to remove the function from the menu bar and replace it with my custom script.

      I have one issue that I can't find a solution for it - how do I change/remove the button of the same function from the toolbar?


      I know how to remove all buttons from the toolbar or to remove a specific button by index (place in the toolbar),

      but this way isn't safe because the user can change the button place or add\remove buttons .

      I'm trying to understand if there is some unique identifier for a button in a toolbar?


      The function that I'm changing is the Packager. I want to run the "quickconnectionview" along side the packager.




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          Hello Ester


          A short word of caution, from a Support perspective it unwise to override/remove the builtin functions. I always advise customers to make it explicitly clear what are the builtin and what are the custom menupicks, since it will be difficult for people working in Support to understand what is going on. 

          The best way is always to add e customer specific menu (like the AATK) and put the custom menupicks in there.

          I have not checked if this is possible, but I suggest that you check if you can intercept the builtin call and flag a message that tells your users to use the customized menupick instead.



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            I agree with Peter.  Best to keep your tools separate from the built-in functions.  Easier to maintain, less confusion with respect to help documentation, and you're not working against the tool.

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              Thank you very match

              I will do it according your answer