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    Symbol outline VX.2.2?


      We are "test driving" VX.2.2, and I'm trying to figure out what happened to the "symbol outline" in Symbol Editor. The symbol outline is the dashed rectangle that encompassed the symbol extents, and had handles you used to drag the outline to the end of the pins. It is used to prevent DxDesigner from routing nets through the symbol. In the older symbol editor, it always showed up, and there was a setting to have it sized automatically, or the method we use, manually set during symbol creation or editing. I've opened an existing symbol in the new editor, and so far, I haven't been able to figure out how to get the symbol outline to show up. Support search has been unfruitful. Anyone know what they did with this?


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          It was removed when the newest symbol editor was released. DxDesigner manages it on its own now. I haven't seen any issues with anything other than border symbols (and then only in the very first release) but that is gone now with the introduction of the symbol type Border.

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            So, what does it use for the extents? The pins and graphics? I hope properties are not included, because we often would have property names outside of the existing outline. I would be nice to be able to display it, even though the system is supposed to be handling it. Has there been any talk about adding that as another checkbox under Display Control?



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              Looks like it includes the visible properties. But it does behave differently than the bounding box. I haven't seen any overlapping symbol issues and haven't heard of any changes to expected net drawing results.


              I did see a pretty crazy Variant unplaced X-out but we found properties that were the same color as the background placed far from the symbol body.

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                So, up til now, recognition of a border symbol has been dependent upon a tiny symbol outline and a symbol type of Annotate.  Now, with a new symbol type of Border, do users have to make any changes to existing symbols that used to be recognized as borders?  Also, in Automation, will Application.Query and ActiveView.Query be able to find borders with a new appropriate object type mask?  And will the infamous, undocumented Block.IsBorderSymbol property, as well as the established Border select filter, work correctly with both existing and new symbols?

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                  I'm having this problem too but in VX2.3. Symbol outline for a part can be extremely big for whatever reason that other symbols that got included within the boundary cannot be selected until you do effortless amount of clicks. They are taking out the option File>Preferences>Symbol>Automatic Update Outline Update and causing a grieve to my schematics that's for sure.

                  Symbol Outline.png

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                    The symptoms you report are usually caused by large annotate symbols that are not sheet borders (notes or tables for example) but during the upgrade to the new format DxDesigner assumes they are. To resolve this open the symbol in the symbol editor and make sure the symbol  type is Annotate rather than Border. To ensure your border symbols behave correctly you may also check them in the symbol editor to ensure they are set to Border.

                    There have been no reported issues with the changes made to better support border symbols within the tools given the two caveats noted here.

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                      See the reply below. Borders are automatically modified but in some cases the modification may not be appropriate for large annotate symbols that are not actually sheet borders.