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    Ideas Site Content Filtering Suggestion


      When displaying content on a Mentor Ideas subspace, it would be helpful to filter out all ARCHIVE and OUT OF SCOPE items, which seem to get tagged in bulk with a recent date, resulting in pages and pages of items no one cares to see anymore.

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          Al - that's a really good idea. Not sure if it can be implemented but will look into it.

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            Al - is this an example of what you are talking about Mentor Ideas for Xpedition ? I went to the Xpedition ideas space, selected the Content tab, and then filtered on the category of Library/Data Management. I saw several Archive and Out of Scope ideas displayed on the first page.

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              Not sure if you have noticed, but one thing you might find useful  is the Ideas Stages widget that links to all ideas within any of the stages. It allows you to see all those marked as Planned, Under Consideration, Implemented, etc. Using it makes  it easy to avoid the Archive and Out of Scope  ones. It  is on the right column on the overview page of each ideas space:


              ideas stages.JPG

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                Using the Ideas Stages is a reasonable notion, with some caveats.  First and foremost is that it only allows for one filter at a time, and a user might want to see a combination of filters, using checkboxes.  A workaround is to right click on an individual link, and open in a new tab or window, since opening in the same tab/window causes loss of the Idea Stages box.  But the workaround is not the ideal solution.


                Try going to this page ( https://communities.mentor.com/community/ideas/xpedition-ideas/content?start=140 ), then go forward several pages.  All of the entries per page are ARCHIVE.  So a better content filter methodology really is needed.

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                  It would also be useful to filter on other things like whether you have or have not already voted on an idea.  Not being able to do this makes active use of the ideas site harder over time.  The more you vote, the more you have to sort through ideas you already voted on.


                  Other useful filters like author name or followers would also be nice.


                  When I use the Idea Stages described above, sorting does not work correctly.

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                    Thank you for your suggestions. I can look into the feasibility of them.


                    I want to make sure I understand your point about sorting by Idea Stage is not working correctly. When I sort by Ideas Stage, I have no issue. Pls see below image. Just to confirm - this is the sorting you mean?


                    ideas sorting.JPG

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                      It takes multiple steps and images to describe it, but basically sorting by latest activity is not working.  If you sort by any other option then sort by latest activity, the results will not change during that transition.  Here is an example with sorting by score.  Similarly, if I sort by title then by latest activity, the order for latest activity will match sort by title, which is a different order than what is shown below.




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                        Joseph has addressed a bug and it is sad that it still on going since January cause it is quite of a simple fix. This discussion is our only vehicle to expose Mentor Idea bug and it doesn't seem to be address like an SR does. Should we address it elsewhere?

                        Here's the situation;


                        When user get into show all mentor idea look like this; It shows that it is sort by date created but it is not. Doesn’t seem to sort at all…


                        If user select the sorting list; see that there are 5 possible selections at this point


                        If sort date created newest first is selected; It doesn’t do anything


                        If sort by latest activities is selected. The result is not right either and the filter show that it's sorted by score


                        Also, at this point there are different selections in the sorting list then the initial screen;


                        If sort by latest activity is select again, it appear to be right now but the selection list is still limited. Limited in a way that user can’t sort it by date created…



                        Feels like, It is important to be able to sort by "date created" to keep up with and be able to vote on. User shouldn't have to go thru all of this to get a workable result.

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                          Thanks patrickg. I will look into this further and see what can be done. This is the best way to address communities/ideas topics.

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                            FYI, I just see your name and the link takes me to your profile.  I assume it is just an @mention, like patrickg.  I have not had someone do it to me to know how it looks when I am logged in.  Maybe log out and view the post if you are concerned.

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                              Yes joseph, you are right -- just an @ mention. As Community Admin, I have visibility to information the general members don't when they are logged in. For example, when i receive an email notification about your reply, I see your username. But when i go to the thread here in the Community, I see your name. But others don't see your name. In my replies I used to use the members name (b/c I could see it), but then realized that some may prefer i address them by their user name in the community. So I have switched to @ mentions. Also, depending on how your preferences are set,  you can be notified when someone mentions you with an  @ mention.

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                                Patrick - Thanks for the detail above. I have been testing it and am not seeing the same results. I will do some further testing and follow up on this thread with my results.

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                                  Month went by and haven't heard your progress...

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                                    Patrick - I apologize for the lengthy delay in responding. I have thoroughly looked at this issue from several different angles, and attempted to replicate all of your steps shown in the images above. There is one part I could not replicate, noted below. I'm not sure if at one point this was a bug that has been corrected, but  this is what I am seeing:


                                    1. In the Capital & Vesys ideas space I selected the Content tab. Similar to your image I selected Ideas (highlighted below) and not All Content. However, your image shows a selection of "Sort by date created: Newest first". That is not an option when Ideas are selected. The only options available are Sort by Score, Latest activity:newest first, Title, Most Votes, and Most Comments. Through my testing, each of those filtering options performed accurately.

                                    MR - ideas sorting thread 1.JPG


                                    2. When I selected All Content, the drop down sorting options change to a different selection - Date created:Newest first, Date created: Oldest first, Latest activity: Newest, Latest activity:Oldest, and Title.


                                    NOTE: Your image above indicates a different set of options in the drop down with Ideas selected than I experienced. Your image shows the drop down options when All Content is selected. Those are not available when Ideas is selected. I do not know, nor could I replicate, the All Content drop down selection when Ideas was selected.


                                    MR - ideas sorting thread 3.JPG



                                    3. The default selection when I first enter is "Sort by date created: newest first". But the dated column is for "Latest activity". That can be confusing.


                                    MR - ideas sorting thread 2.JPG


                                    4. However, when I select an option in the drop down, the sorting is changed to accurately reflect that choice. The example below shows the result when I select "Sort by date created: Oldest first." The date column changes to Created, and the ideas are re-sorted accurately.

                                    MR - ideas sorting thread 4.JPG



                                    5. If I then select "Sort by date created: Newest first," the ideas re-order accurately. I cycled thru all of the other drop down options, and they sorted accurately, too.


                                    MR - ideas sorting thread 5.JPG


                                    Is your experience different than what I have documented above?

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