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    Cannot find tutorial


      I have just purchased Pads.  In the package is a pads designer preview file.  Is this linked to a tutorial?  I have finished the PCB tutorial, but I am lost as far as the schematic capture end of this goes.  I am looking for a good tutorial to pull me up the learning curve.

      Thank you


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          Thanks for your post. A few thoughts:

          1. I am going to move this to the PADS Schematic community - more product focused to your question and greater visibility among other users. This spot is for general community questions and suggestions.

          2. Have you gone to the Getting Started area of Support Center for PADS? You can filter on those resources to Schematic Capture. Not sure if you are using PADS Pro or Standard. Here is the link to the GS resources for Pro

          3. While in the GS section, also select the Resources link in the ribbon across the top of the page. This will take you to more resources that may be of value.

          4. Try a 2 week free trial to our On-demand Training (link is for PADS Pro).


          Hope these help. Please let me know if you have more questions.

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            Also, here are a couple of other things youu might find helpful:

            1. As a new PADS customer, you should be receiving our weekly onboarding emails. They contain a series of helpful resources to get up and running quickly with PADS. All the resources can be found on Support Center in this one convenient KB article.

            2. Not sure if you have seen it yet, but in the PADS software there is a tutorial included at:


                            $SDD_HOME\Documentation\PADS_Stnd_Eval\Document\PADS Standard Evaluation Guide.pdf


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              In addition to the Community Admin's post above, the link on the Start Page - Evaluation Guide should take you to the installed Guide, but for me it is going to the web page.

              As mentioned above the Tutorial is located with the software from the installation path (default is C:\MentorGraphics\PADSVX.2.x then the SDD_HOME path specified above).

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                Hi Bob,

                It was also problem for me to work with PADS and I didn't find any useful tutorials in Internet.

                Personally for me, the standard tutorials were very complicated.

                Only paid support from MENTOR distributors helped me. I have called them very often.


                Therefore, I decided to create some videos on Youtube to help other people with PADS.



                I hope it will help you or somebody else!


                Best regard


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                  There are a number of videos for Designer on the Xpedition Communities pages here: Design Creation

                  They apply equally to PADS Designer.

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