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    Scripting in xDxDesigner




      Does anyone have a vb script which displays the names of all schematic sheets within a collection (a design) and

      then displays the number and name of all components within each sheet, followed by pin names of each component.


      thank you

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          Hi - I have attached en efm-based script that will get you started I believe. It will list each schematic sheet in the design and list RefDes for Block and Instance Level (the purpose of this version of the DxD_xprobe was written to do that check).

          It did not do anything with pins, so it was not a 100% match, so I added a few lines (see below)

          Once we have found each symbol (look at line 42), we will have to get the collection of pins for that symbol, then find the pin names (labels)


          Dim objConnections, objConnection

          Dim objCompPin

          Set objConnections = objComp.GetConnections()

          For Each objConnection In objConnections

            Set objCompPin = objConnection.CompPin

            If Not objCompPin Is Nothing Then

              fp.writeline "CompPin '" & objCompPin.Pin.Label.TextString

              Listbox1.AddString "CompPin '" & objCompPin.Pin.Label.TextString

            End If



          Have a go at it and let us know if it helped (mark as 'Helpful' below)



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            Thank you very much for your email Peter, can you attach the efm-based

            script please.




            I am new to scripting using the MG tools and have started to make some


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              It should be there - initially I was trigger-happy and pushed the wrong button, then edited my reply to include the .efm. Do you see it now ?

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                Good Morning Peter,




                Thank you for your help yesterday.




                I now have my first scripts working and am pleased with the results.




                Automation through scripting offers many productivity advantages and once


                you get over the initial learning curve, there is huge potential.




                Thanks once again and kind regards,