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    Dividing a die into 4 quadrants



      I am coding rules that need dividing the entire die into 4 quadrants. Is there a way to draw horizontal and vertical center lines on the die in Calibre?


      Thank you!


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          Hi Anitha,


          There is no built-in function for this. Here is one possibility for a rule file implementation.


          In the rule file, use a LAYOUT TEXT statement to define a text object at (0,0).

          Use an EXPAND TEXT layer operation to derive a polygon from your LAYOUT TEXT object.

          Use a GROW operation with sufficient values to modify your EXPAND TEXT derived polygon so it becomes a marker for your coordinates.


          Because this recipe derives a polygon, it will have a width of at least 1 dbu.



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            one more way to do is like, get the bounding box of the entire chip using EXTENT.

            and then find the centre of the bounding box using EXTENTS <layer> CENTERS.

            It will create a marker layer of size 1x1. Then grow this marker layer by a value > (chip length/width)/2



            center_0= EXTENTS Bbox CENTERS

            output = GROW center_0 RIGHT BY value 6000 TOP BY 6000 LEFT BY 6000 BOTTOM BY 6000 //size value could be based on die size