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xDxDesigner - readout Attribute which is multiple times on the same Sheet via Automation

Question asked by fuba on Dec 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2018 by peter_festesen

Hello out there,


is there a way how to readout Attributes which appears multiple

times on a schematic sheet ? I was trying with this:


Dim attr As ViewDraw.Attribute

    attr = vdApp.ActiveView.Block.FindAttribute("myAttribute")


but it returns only (the first) one attribute. I also tried to query like this



Dim objs As ViewDraw.IVdObjs

    objs= vbView.Query(ViewDraw.VdObjectTypeMask.VDM_ATTR, ViewDraw.VdAllOrSelected.VD_ALL)


but also here no success, return count is 0.


Any Idea ?