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    adding additional linestyles for wires in vesys circuit


      Hi All, hoping someone with a bit more experience and use of vesys might be able to help me here. I am hoping to add additional (or change) the linestyle currently used for wires.

      currently even with the largest dash, the separation of two colours is very poor, and for sections on an A3 sheet it is difficult to tell the wire colours if printed. I have looked through the Config folder and the associated xml's. but couldn't find something that references the linestyles I see.  



      I presume that they are defined as Glyphs somewhere ? has anybody changed these before and able to point me in the correct direction ?


      I appreciate any help on this matter.


      Kind Regards, Callum.

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          I'm not a user of VeSys, but am a user of Capital Logic. In Capital Logic, when printing there is a "Line Pattern Scale Factor" option (was previously called the "Dash Multiplier".  Many releases ago, the dashed lines in Capital Logic didn't print correctly as it isn't true WYSIWYG so Mentor introduced this option to allow the length of the dashes to be set correctly when printing.

          I've no idea if this function is available in other Mentor products like VeSys but if it is, it may help the printing of your coloured dashed lines.