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    Changing DGND to AGND symbol


      I have assigned DGND symbol in my schematics, I want to change it to AGND symbol and that symbol is in so many places how to incorporate that property in a single shot without going with tedious process of changing manually.

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          It depends whether you want the symbol to change or just the 'Signal Name', and this may depend on what the symbol looks like. If it is just a matter of changing the text then you can simply use Find/Replace from the Edit - Find/Replace - Text command.


          Go to the Replace tab:


          Expand the 'More' button:


          'Look for' 'Properties only'


          For an Integrated project:


          Select Global Signal Name = DGND and replace with AGND.


          For a Netlist project:


          Select NETNAME = DGND and replace with AGND


          If you want to change the symbol use the Edt - Find/Replace - Replace symbol/part dialog.