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How to detect a Missing Instance Level Property in DxDesigner

Question asked by peter_festesen on Dec 15, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2017 by Patrick.Cashman

Hi - this time I am the one who needs help ;-)


I have a situation where I need to detect whether a symbol has a property or not. The problem is that

objAttr.InstanceValue, objAttr.EitherValue both give me '' in the case where

Instance Value is <none> or Instance Value is undefined.


Here, Instance Level property value is undefined


Here, Instance Level property value is defined, but empty


Things tried :


Hoping for an error that I then could address by using "Error Resume Next / On Error Goto 0", I tried Attribute.DeleteInstanceValue()

My hope was that the method would give an error if InstanceValue was missing - it doesn't.



Also looked at the hidden methods/properties of the 'Attribute' object (via Excels Object Browser)  - no such luck.



Tried to use On Error Resume Next with objAttr.DeleteInstanceValue. I thought it worked until I found that also the second case, where Instance VAlue is defined, but blan, it also Errrors out.


So this is my last resort, hoping that someone has encountered this problem before....