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    DXDatabook ODBC error


      HI, I am new and I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question. I have a user who has an ODBC connection that he uses in DxDesigner. He gets a message from DxDatabook that an ODBC error occurred--invalid ODBC alias: Omnify (1400). I checked with the person who supports Omnify here and the user's ODBC settings are correct for Omnify. Thank you.

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          Thanks for your question. Your hunch was correct -- this forum is for general community questions and suggestions. I will move your question to the appropriate product-specific forum where it will receive greater visibility. Also, our product-specific communities are flow specific, so will move this to the appropriate area in the Xpedition community. If you are using PADS, pls let me know.

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            That error usually means the DSN name doesn't match what was defined originally -- if you search the dbc file for "DSN" you should see the name (and casing) that needs to be used when you define the DSN on the "new" machine. Or see how the DSN is defined on a working system...


            If you don't figure it out easily I would suggest a call to Customer Support.