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        Hi Michael

        Happy New Year to you as well.


        A I wrote previously I don't think you can see this outside the Assembly Variants preview window.

        Unplaced parts are not shown when using CAM or Create PDF.

        Maybe add this suggestion to Mentor Ideas?


        I normally use BluePrint-PCB to create PCB documentation, assembly drawings and similar.

        See following link: http://www.downstreamtech.com/blueprint-pcb.php

        It is a program dedicated to document PCB designs. It is very powerful.


        I export an ascii file from PADS and import it into BluePrint.


        Example from BluePrint. U1 and U2 are marked as uninstalled in PADS Layout Assembly Variants.

        regards Klaus

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          I found this showing that you can 'show' unplaced parts in the CAM output for an assembly layer:


          PADS Standard Training Library - PADS Layout: Assembly Variants


          The 'Assembly' button in the Edit dialog for CAM gives you access to the variants:


          This will shows the pads for unplaced parts but remove the component outline from the assembly drawing.


          The preview window lets you set different colors for unplaced parts and also for substituted parts.  Colors don't make sense for Gerber outputs; maybe this is an ODB++ feature?

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            It is correct that you can use the Assembly Variants to hide unplaced parts in the CAM outputs.

            But - as far as I know - you cannot show unplaced or substituted parts with a different color.

            - Klaus

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              I just noticed that you can also use the Assembly Variants in <File><Create PDF>.  While I haven't tried it, that might be an output where you can use color. 

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                Thanks klauss, i will see your software if i can use it.


                John, i just tried your technic and it seems to work. I dont know how to add colors for highlight unplaced components but i will search later.

                So now, i can generate my PDF fabrication docs but i would like a file which list all PLACED components. My question is, is there any parameter in PADS Layout to search unplaced components with a script ?

                Our method in older version of PADS was to delete unplaced components and to list all components with a (very very) basic script but this is not a good solution. I would like to make a better script without deleting components in my design.


                A solution?


                Thanks for help.



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                  In the 'PADS Layout Command Reference Manual' there is descriptions of Component.Installed and Component.Substituted methods.

                  Maybe they can do the trick? I have not used them myself.


                  regards Klaus

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                    Here is a snippet I wrote to do what you are asking. For each component in design it builds list in Excel. Uses different Excel sheet for each assembly option. Uses assembly name in case component is substituted for another. "ZZZZZZZZZZ" is for uninstalled as we list uninstalled reference designators as a group in our BOM. This will get you started toward a custom BOM.


                    'add components to pages

                    intinrow = 1

                    For Each objpart In ActiveDocument.Components

                         For intloop = 1 To ActiveDocument.AssemblyOptions.Count

                              objXLapp.Worksheets(intloop).Cells(intinrow,2).value = objpart.Name

                              If ActiveDocument.AssemblyOptions(intloop).Components(objpart.Name).Installed Then

                                   objXLapp.Worksheets(intloop).Cells(intinrow,1).NumberFormat = "@"

                                   objXLapp.Worksheets(intloop).Cells(intinrow,1).value() = ActiveDocument.AssemblyOptions(intloop).Components(objpart.Name).PartType


                                   objXLapp.worksheets(intloop).Cells(intinrow,1).value = "ZZZZZZZZZZ"

                              End If

                         Next intloop

                         intinrow = intinrow + 1

                    Next objpart



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