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    Ref Des order when run package


      Can't seem to find any info, but is there any way to control the order ref des are assigned when running the packager.

      Seems system default is the order parts where placed on the schematic.

      Is there a way to control it to left to right & top to bottom. Just can't seem to figure out where this control is.

      Zones don't seem to affect or anything else I have tried.

      Finding anything specific on this in search has been useless

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          There is no control as you require built in to the tool, there will be a new feature in VX.2.3 to do what you require as a post packaging process, see this Idea Add the ability to assign sequential reference designators refdes to components in a design using - D6577 but such controls need to be used with caution to avoid reference designator duplication.


          Zones are used to control cross-referencing and don't influence the packager, assuming you are using the integrated flow with a Central Library then the packaging process is designed to minimize part count so optimizes across the entire design or at block level depending on which options you choose in the packager dialog.


          If using a netlist flow and the PCB Interface then the algorithms are slightly different but again try to minimize part count.


          There is a script available on the Communities pages - see this thread Reference Designator Assignment based on schematic location

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            WOW cant believe that, this is my first time using DxDesigner after using VeriBest since its inception thru to Expedition.

            However I used Design Capture for many years up until about 6-7 years ago. Every other capture package I know of I believe has the ability

            to assign designators left to right top to bottom within the tool. And Mentor is just putting this into the tool know!!!! WOW

            And even after implementing this I will have to worry about duplicate desiginators oh boy!!!!

            I personally do not like to have to use scripts out side the tool to get my job done and feel it is the responsibility of tool MFG to put that kind of stuff in the tool period. I feel the same way about the scripts to rum to update all the data a part has in the schematic.

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              What feature of Design Capture did you use for this? It's been a long time since I used DC/DV in any serious way so don't recall how this was achieved.

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                Well it has been 6-7 years, but if I remember correctly I believe there was a setting to set how Ref Des were ordered in the schematic, unless I am thinking of something else?  We also renumbered Ref Des in layout too. Each engineer wanted it different. Most liked the schematic to be in order thru the pages. I personally liked the layout to be in order. But I didn't win that battle that often. Most of the engineers I have worked with specified Schematic ordered ref des. So now I am having to deal with that in DxDesigner with an Engineer that is complaining big time that the schematic is a mess.

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                  You may be thinking of something else, I don't recall any such capability, but then I'm rusty too.

                  You have posted this thread under the PADS community so are you using PADS or Xpedition? In Xpedition there is the same ECO functionality in DxDesigner as in the Xpedition - DC flow, you can still renumber from the layout. I don't know about PADS Layout.

                  The new functionality I referenced should be used with caution because the user will be able to set the scope from renumbering the entire design in whatever direction he likes, left-to-right, top-to-bottom etc. but he can also execute it at the sheet level too. This means that parts split across sheets will get renumbered based on the sheet, or that potentially he may create duplicates if he forgets a sheet. The packaging process will pick this up, but this is why I suggested it is used with caution, it gives the user a lot of capability.

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                    OK may be right guess it's been that long that I am thinking of Orcad? It is a function that really should be in every package. It was past companies I used Expedition, when I got here it has been PADS predominately. However a couple years ago we did purchase a seat of Expedition per a customer requirement, but that work only lasted about a year and we ended up having to drop maintenance on that seat (budget), however there is a chance this year we may have to re-activate maintenance per a customer requirement.

                    With PADS when I first got here they were using Orcad as the front end feeding a netlist to PADS layout, now for the past 10 months or so we switched to DxDesigner and are using Integrated flow with Central lib along with DxDatabook too. I personally prefer this integrated approach but with our contract MFG/Engineering environment it is a bit more cumbersome at times. But I still think worth the effort.

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                      Both PADS Logic and PADS Layout has this capability

                      I am very surprised to hear that DX-Designer does not have it.

                      Regards Klaus