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    Preventing plane flood "partial" connections


      PADS Layout - Plane Flood - Same-Net Flooding Error


      Line Width - 6 thou

      Trace Width - 6 thou

      Trace to Copper Clearance - 6 thou

      Copper to Copper Clearance (different nets) - 6 thou

      Split/Mixed Plane Smoothing Radius - 0

      Hatch Grid - Copper - 1

      Display Grid - 6 x 6


      I think there is a partial connection problem when flooding planes (same-net).

      With the above settings, it would be good if the plane flood was only present in places where there is enough space to meet the minimum plane line width (6). In the below pictures, the co-planar ground has flooded into a gap and "partially" connected. You can see the "dimples" of the 2 radii of the plane sections, and the connection is only 4.96 thou across. Is there a way to prevent a plane flooding through places where it cannot maintain the line width (6). Or if not, can you flag an error?

      None of the options in 'Verify Design' flag this up.