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    Speeding up PADS


      Hi all,


      I'm a month in to this program and I am wondering if there are any general tips for speeding up the program. My computer is not slow, but my working style right now is often click-wait-click-wait-click-wait...


      Maybe there is some basic tips for how to use it that I'm not following?


      Thanks for any help.

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          I have noticed the same problem.

          My PC is normal but the project opening/closing operations, Library managing etc.etc. seems too slow.

          I don't know any solution, but if there is someone who knows how to speed up PADS I am ready to apply the advice.

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            Maybe it is the same issue as this thread? Perhaps caused by newest Win update?

            how much time takes pads layout vx 2.2 to get started?

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              I'm on Windows 7, which may make other issues...


              As I'm a new user, I don't know if my experience is normal or if I just have some settings wrong. Basically though I find a lot of latency for many normal commands and tasks that I feel should be instantaneous. It feels like I'm working on a PC limited by ram or something like that (or maybe a mouse clicker stuck in glue...), but this one has 16 gb and the graphics card is ok as well (nothing special, but it feels fairly speedy in other programs). I mean I can upgrade the hardware, but if everybody's experience is like this then there isn't much point.


              I'm  going to install the latest update (7), maybe this will improve things...

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                I am working with WIN10 and Vx.2.2 Update 7, and PADS is very slow as well. I don't know why.

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                  I tried to install version VX.2.3 and I have to say that the launching time of xDX and LAYOUT has worsened.

                  With VX2.3 it takes more than 60 seconds to open LAYOUT from xDX while with the old VX.2.2 it took about 10...15 seconds.

                  I have a workstation with Win10pro, I7 CPU, 16GB RAM and SSD: I do not understand why only PADS VX should be so slow on my PC.