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    Calibre DRC Triggers




      I want to add Triggers in Calibre DRC interactive after DRC execution. I want below trigger's to be there for every new calibre interactive session. Is there any environment variables to source these triggers in the terminal. Or any Skill code that I can load into Cadence Virtuoso so that every Calibre interactive takes these triggers.


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          Hi Venkatesh,


          This isn't a complete solution but I can offer some thoughts that may point you in the right direction.


          1) Triggers can be saved along with the runset file when you save a runset.

          2) If you are already using runsets for certain projects or users, you might be able to have a "global runset" that contains the trigger you're interested in, and then set your environment up to load "multiple runsets" such that the global runset gives you the trigger you wanted while allowing the more specific user or project related runsets to also contribute settings in addition to the trigger you wanted everyone to have access to.


          Can you check that link? It seems to be going to a google mail address that we don't have access to.