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    Place mounting hole from excel


      Hi All,


      Is there any tool that can place the mounting hole from excel ?

      I tried to use the ALE - Pattern Place but it crushed..





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          I don't know what you mean with tool, but you can enter code in excel to put a mounting hole

          Please have a look to the excel examples in  SDD_HOME\standard\examples\pcb\Automation\Excel\ how to connect to the pcb-application


          For putting mounting holes you can use this code for example after you did the connection to pcb application


          On Error Resume Next

          Set netobj = Nothing

          x = Sheets(1).Cells(2, 1)

          y = Sheets(1).Cells(2, 2)

          pst = Sheets(1).Cells(2, 3)

          Set mpst = pcbDoc.PutPadstack(1, pcbDoc.LayerCount, pst, False, True)

          If Not mpst Is Nothing Then

          pcbDoc.TransactionStart epcbDRCModeNone

          Set mhole = pcbDoc.PutMountingHole(x, y, mpst, netobj, Nothing)


          end if

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            Thanks for the reply...

            I need to place the MH on Cell Editor so I think you use the Layout ?

            I didn't understand the "\ how to connect to the pcb-application" part.... could you please explain ?

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              you need to declare pcbDoc and validate server, as for any script running in celleditor/Layout

              check automation example for that